$18.25, Weight Staying Steady, Meta Starts Tomorrow

Well, I went up a little in my money, but not quite as high as I had hoped by any means.  I ate way too many neutral meals, and then I flew today and was super queasy, so unfortunately, carbs is sometimes the only cure for that.  I almost threw up on the plane, so that wasn’t very much fun at all.  I usually fly much better, but it was just a nauseating flight.  My sister felt sick, too.  Ick.

So I am up to $18.25.  For sake of easy math, I am forgetting about my cute penny I found on my walk the other day, though it is still in my money jar and it will be counted at the end.

I am now home, though, safe and sound for a while, and I FINALLY get to start doing Tracy Anderson METAMORPHOSIS starting tomorrow!  I am SO beyond excited about it.  And I have access to my rebounder, so I will be doing the dance cardio mainly on that since it is so good for your lymph system. 

My weight has stayed the same, too, so still down only two and a half pounds.  I know it is because I haven’t been pushing my workouts the past few days and seem to do every other day, which is good, but not good enough.  I am definitely not making enough money for my year goal fund.  I unfortunately don’t have a working scale currently, so I will have to go by my clothing feel for a while, which, let’s be honest, is better any way.  However, I am feeling my love handles shrinking a bit, and my pants are starting to fit a bit better.

Well, it’s way past my bedtime, so I hope you all have a good night, or a great morning, whenever you read this.


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