Tracy Anderson 30-Day Bootcamp Book: Day One


Time to get personal.

I have struggled with my eating and exercise most of life.  I was able to maintain a somewhat study weight (higher on my BMI chart for my height and frame) but still in the high end of normal.  However, now that I am almost in my late 20’s, my metabolism has slowed down even FURTHER and I can’t just change my eating habits to lose weight anymore.  I will do good at eating and exercising for about a week, and then I miss a day or allow myself to eat something bad, and BOOM, it’s all over.  Then I end up gaining two pounds.  It’s a vicious cycle I am sure many of you have experienced or are experiencing.

I have been a huge Tracy Anderson fan.  She is me idea of perfection.  Also she is five foot, and I am 5’2″, so for me, I love that she is short and is someone I can look at for my frame.  I am never going to be the tall willowly model girl, but Tracy has struggled with her weight and has found what really works.  You just need to COMMIT and DO IT.

This past year has been especially hard on my body because I have been emotionally eating my way into oblivion.  My sister (who is my best friend and we really should have been born twins) was re-diagnosed with a cancer called Angiosarcoma, a super rare cancer that attacks the lining of your blood vessels.  The prognosis is unknown and is highly aggressive (lots of prayers, please), so I have been a wreck and have been allowing myself the comfort of food.  Sometimes, that’s okay, but for me, it is not, and it’s becoming a problem.  I have put on about 15 pounds in six months, which for someone my height REALLY shows up.  None of my clothes really fit, and I have been living in pants with stretchy waist bands.  It’s hard when you are in the hospital for days at a time and downstairs, they pretty much have ANY food you like.  I am good about not buying junk food at home.  My problem has always been when I eat out or go out, I will splurge a bit too much.  24-hour vending machines and a hospital with a limitless cafeteria = no True Religion Jeans that fit anymore.

Also, my more than understanding AMAZING hubby has allowed me to be staying with my family while I help out my sister.  We live in another state, so even though we dated long-distant, it is hard when you are married being away from each other.  Luckily, he lives close to his family and is super close to them, so he isn’t all by himself.  So that makes eating poorly that much more of a situation because you are depressed what is just going on in your life every which way.

I decided enough was enough, and with the absolute support and encouragement of my sister, I am embarking on Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method Bootcamp book.

Again, like I said in my previous post, I have taken my before pics, my measurements, and my weight, and every ten days, I will do an update.  I will post daily updates of my weight.  My goal is to be able to fit back (or ALMOST fit back) into some of my older clothes when I reach the end point.  I would love to undue the damage I have done, so 15-20 pounds would be great to lose during this.  But inches IS more important than anything. 


Day One went well.  I had purchased all my food for Days One and Two the day before, with a little overflow into Day Three.  The hardest part of the day was my sister getting super sick (more so than normal) from her chemo and having to go to the infusion center.  That took about two hours, so I had to rush in the morning.

I have taken the photos of what I prepared, but warning, I am not the best cook, so they aren’t super pretty.  I did my best, though.  <3  I wanted to take pics throughout of my meals because I am a very visual person and like to see what something will look like.


Strawberry Mint Salad:

I did not put the agave on it, and I used a little extra mint.

Score: 8/10


Minestrone Soup

The soup would have been MUCH better had I not put so much Cayenne Pepper on it.  I thought I put a little, but a little goes a long way with this, so be careful!

Score (without cayenne): 6/10

Score (with cayenne): 3.5/10


Poached Cod

Okay.  Sorry the fish looks so unappetizing.  It kind of fell apart when I lifted it up from the pan.  I think I overcooked it, but I was worried about having an undercooked Cod.

Score:  6/10.  I think it would have been higher if I had picked Halibut, which I will use next time.

Broiled Asparagus

Soooo yummy!!  Will definitely always make my Asparagus this way.

Score:  7.5/10 (for Asparagus, 10/10)


Choco Chestnut Pudding. 

Okay.  So again, not the prettiest, but I did not melt the chocolate chips like she said.  I have a Vitamix and just blended all of the ingredients together.  It was so amazing.  I can’t believe I get to eat this, and I will eat this many more times after the 30 days is over.  SO good.  I decided since the pudding was so much like a dessert that I would have it at the end of the day.

Score: 9.5/10


Starbucks Iced Venti Unsweetened Green Tea, R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Essence Spring Water in Cucumber, and of course water!

Sadly, I was so busy that I had to do my Tracy workout LATE, but I did it, and it was great!  Since I haven’t been consistently working out, I started out easing into it.

Muscular Work:  20 Reps of each move

Cardio:  Cardio One for 10 minutes, step-touching and jumping.



If any of  you guys are doing Tracy or have a blog about following Tracy, post a comment below with your link.  What are you guys doing for workouts?  Are any of you Tracy Anderson fans?

Good luck, guys!  Day 1 down, 29 to go!

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17 Responses to “Tracy Anderson 30-Day Bootcamp Book: Day One”

  • seras says:

    i admire you for trying this. good luck!!!

  • Claudia says:

    I have been in a similar situation but with my parents sick. I remember days on end, months actually, being in the hospital. With me, the stress of that time, caused me to lose weight instead of gain. I was at the hospital, in the ICU, and really couldn’t eat anyway. So stressful and my heart goes out to you. Hope that your sister can beat this…that she has her youth on her side.

  • Thanks a lot!! Very hard to do, but I think it will totally be worth it!

  • neech says:

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE…. This site. My new obsession.

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Good luck with the 30 days..

  • Loving your blog! I can’t wait to hear about your progress. kepp the pics of the food coming too I was interested to see how big the portions actually were. 😀

  • Tiff says:

    Oh no, i’m so sorry I really don’t have much to say. I have never been in a similar situation like this, and I absolutely do not mean to be rude but I have never struggled with weight, so I can’t relate to that either.

    I am a bit of an exercise nut, so when you said what workout I do I can actually answer that one! I play tennis for an hour twice a week. For my tennis I do at least half an hour of resistance band training for strength every second day and yoga every few days too. The issue is, for a lot of people exercise is a chore, but I really like it. I absolutely love tennis and I love strength training and I love yoga, so it’s not hard for me, and that’s why I exercise so much. Admittedly I hate any and all cardio work though, so as you can see there’s very little of it except for twice a week tennis which isn’t enough!

    All I can say is I have millions of prayers being sent your way, and i’m definitely going for you for your 30 day challenge! I’m sending nothing but positive vibes your way :).

    • That’s great that you like playing Tennis, Tiff! And you seem to have a really good workout schedule going for you. You’re not rude at all!!! <3 I love hearing from you. And thanks again for the sweet words about my sister!!

  • Kathy says:

    WhooHooo!! So glad I found your blog. I’ve just purchased this book.. I’m also short- i’m 5’1

  • Kathy says:

    ughh i wasn’t done my post, sorry! haha. yah i’m short, and like you, mid to late 20’s now.. feeling the metabolism waining.. can’t fit into some of my pants.. i think im at the biggest i’ve ever been.. im not obese just a little chubbsy, but I’ve also NEVER been svelte like Tracy ,but for 30 days i’m interested in trying. i work 2 jobs, so i have to find time to sleep before i start my second job which is the overnight shift.. but right after my first job i went to the gym.. tried her leg moves, I’m not sure i understand her arm moves.. because I’m not feeling tension. so i think im doing it wroooong.
    her jumping dance moves do make me sweat which is good. i wish i knew how to put her dvd on my ipod.. and your ability to do her meal plan is INSPIRING.
    i did the strawberry mint salad, lovelly.. i will hit the market before nap time for the other ingredients.. knowing your doing this for real each step of the way, is so motivational for me. thanks you, and i hope you reap the best results, and that your family situation improves. peace to youuu

    • Hey, Kathy!
      Thanks so much for posting! I know what you mean, not obese just BIGGER than we are used to! It’s very frustrating for sure, especially for us short girls where five pounds shows up SO much!

      Two jobs is tough!! I have two jobs, but my jobs allow me to work from anywhere, so it works out really well. It’s hard, though, that you have to work between all of that. Are you on Facebook? If so, check out Tracy Anderson’s Facebook page. There are so many tips on there. I know for people in a time crunch, she recommends doing 30 minutes of cardio and then 30 minutes of the muscular work, so that would be an hour a day.

      As far as the arms, the key is to kind of create your own resistance with it and when you pull on one side, pull on the other, kind of creating this motion of tension, if that makes sense. So you want to make sure you don’t flop around but really focus in and feel the tension and make a mind connection to it, if that helps. Also, I use Cucusoft to get my DVDs onto my iPod. It’s about $30, but it works well and you can download the program online.

      Thanks for the sweet words about my family, and I am so glad you are motivated!! 🙂 Remember, anything is better than NOTHING. Even if you can’t do it perfect, every little bit helps.

      Thanks again for the nice comment and for checking out my blog! <3

  • Kelli Salmon says:

    Hi Lolita,

    I have never watched a blog in my life which is sad to say at age 31, however the truth must be told. I was researching Tracy and your blog can up on You Tube so I watched them all(awesome). I love they way you have told you info and taken pictures love it. I am just on day one and hope to see day 30 like you. Keep strong and thanks for the inspiration you rock. Kelli Salmon

    • Hi Kelli,

      You are SO sweet!! Thanks for watching my vids and checking out my blog!! I am so happy you are doing it. I have to say that this has been one of the most positive things I have done for myself, and it is so worth all the hard work! Let me know how your progress goes!! 🙂

      And thanks for taking the time out to leave a comment!

  • Courtney says:

    Hello, I’m doing the 30-day boot camp and then metamorphosis. Do you by chance have the poached cod recipe from the book? I left mine at the office today.


    • Hi Courtney!

      Ahhh! I am so sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner! Your comment was lost amoung the spam. Would you still like the recipe? I am sure it is pretty late now. :/

      I so wish she had had Metamorphosis when I was doing Bootcamp the first time. I felt pretty aimless afterward though I had had her other DVDs. Your plan is a great one (and the one I decided to do now!)

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