Tracy Anderson Method Review 30-Day Bootcamp Book: Day 25

Hey everyone!

So today was SOOO much better for my workout!

I have enjoyed my Vibram Five Finger Shoes, but I think it was hindering me in a way from my workout.  For those who don’t know what they are, they are barefoot running shoes, basically.  I like them for the little bit of running I did, but I think for dance cardio, they just weren’t cutting it.  For a while, they were, but I felt I was always not JUMPING-JUMPING, if that made sense.

Well today I skipped out of the hospital with my dad while my mom was with my sister and I went to Fleet Feet and got some Mizuno Inspire 6 shoes like Tracy Anderson recommends.  I LOVE THEM.  New tip:  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE REALLY GREAT SHOES FOR DOING THIS.  I feel like I have lost so much workout time that I wouldn’t have had if I had had the right shoes, which I thought I did, but I really didn’t.

My cardio rocked so much tonight, even without music!!  Probably the best cardio workout I have had, which was great!  40 minutes again.

My reps were good, but since my calf and knee were still a little sore, I only did 20 reps for legs, 30 for abs, and 40 for arms.

My meals:


Apple and Peanut Butter

Again, went with something quick and easy and on-the-go!

Score:  8.5/10


Mexican Avocado Wrap

I am happy that I won’t have this for a while, but I am STILL not sick of it! 🙂

Score:  7.5/10


Dried Mango

Still as yummy as ever!

Score:  10/10


Seared Tuna

Glad the tuna is done for a while!  Remember, get yours at!  They really have THE highest quality of fish you can find!

Really, the shoes have made it, and I feel like had I gotten them from the beginning, I may be another two to three pounds thinner!  But no worries, this is the long haul for me, so it can only get better from here.  I had an old pair of Nike Shox, which I HATED and made my dance cardio worse, so for me, the Muzinos were great.  They weren’t cheap, though, at $100.  But Fleet Feet was a 60-day return policy, so I know if they don’t work out well, I can take them back.

I am pumped!  Very worried about starting the cleanse, though, since I am still in the hospital.  It is going to take a lot of planning but hopefully it will work out well.

I really want to thank you again for all the nice comments and messages.  It makes this all totally worth it.  <3  It is great meeting new, awesome people!

For everyone doing this program and feeling like it will never end, IT DOES!  Once you hit that Day 21, you can’t believe how fast it goes!!  Really, the teen days are definitely the hardest.  Just hang in there, take it day by day, and do your best for THAT day that you can.

See you all tomorrow!!  CLEANSE DAY!!!

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2 Responses to “Tracy Anderson Method Review 30-Day Bootcamp Book: Day 25”

  • reece says:

    Your voice is starting to go again. I hope you’re getting enough sleep, and that you aren’t getting sick. Good luck with the cleanse! I hope your sister is doing well, and that she is able to come home. I remember my Great Aunt going through cancer. I truely wish your sister the best, and hope that she keeps fighting.

  • Juli says:

    The terrible teens are wearing me down! Can’t wait until day 20! Congrats on starting the cleanse! I find it easier (I made all batches in one go– saved a ton of time!)

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