“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” — Coco Chanel

Bombshell Lolita is a blog to inspire creativity, fashion, beauty, body, and all things feminine.  Bombshell Lolita will do tutorials on decodening and crystallizing items, makeup techniques, fashion looks, sewing, and other topics such as organizing, health, and making your life more beautiful.

I decided to create Bombshell Lolita because I wanted a place to funnel creativity, hopefully while encouraging others to try things they may not have ever tried before, and I myself  learning new things from you guys, my readers!

I am a girl in my twenties who has been with the love of my life since 2000.  I have a sister who is my best friend in the world, and two wonderful parents.  I love my friends dearly and don’t know what I would do without them!  I also have two dogs and WAY too many cats (all outdoor).

I enjoy sewing, decodening, gemming, doing crafts, seeing movies, exercising (though I need to do more of it), writing, Internet surfing, music, learning, hanging out with friends, video games, anime, tech, fashion, makeup, and BLOGGING! >^-^<

I love getting feedback, so please feel free to ask me anything.

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