“Since everything is in our heads, we had better not lose them” — Coco Chanel

After checking out Bombshell Lolita, you MAY have some questions.  Here are some answers!  Feel free to ask any others.

Q:  “What was the first thing you gemmed?”

A.  My phone back in 2005.  I was working at Papyrus, and a girl came in with her phone decked out in Swarovskis.  I could never go back after that moment.

Q.  “Do you have any formal training in the fashion/beauty/art industry?”

A.  I have a year of sewing at my local community college, but that was after I had been sewing for a while.  The rest is pretty much self-taught.  I hope to start a fashion line (mainly purses) someday.  I read a lot, watch videos, and learn that way.  Working at Papyrus and another fine card and invitation shoppe for a few years also helped me learn the fine art of detail and quality.  Really, if you take your time and pay attention, it’s all in the details and you can really create something wonderful!

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