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New Plan for Metamorphosis

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while…again.  First off, I had to stop the Perricone Metabolic Miracle because I was going to be gone for most of the day for a few days in a row and I wasn’t able to make the meals (in the hospital while my sister got chemo).  But I did lose three pounds in three days, which is totally impressive.  I looked like I lost five, too.  I totally recommend doing his cleanse if you can stomach the raw egg shakes and salmon for dinner all the time.

So I wasn’t feeling very well for a bit, then I got a really bad eye infection (no makeup or contacts for a few weeks:( bleh!) and NOW I am SICK for the past week.  I had gone so long without being sick, and then the start of this year, this is my third time of being sick!  I think it’s all the icky stress I have been under. 

Anyway, I feel like I have been kind of half doing the work the last Sequence III.  I am going to be starting Sequence IV once I get better.  I actually wish I would have bought Hipcentric.  I am more Omnicentric, I think, but I wanted to focus on my abs.  Now I wish I would have focused more on my legs.

I have realized that I don’t think I am cut out for six days of her workout…yet.  Time-wise and energy-wise, at least at the moment, I would like to build up to two hours  a day, five days a week.  That is ten hours a week of working out instead of six, so that is pretty good.  I like the idea of doing two days on, one day off, and I think five days a week is pretty darn great!  I really need to up the cardio.

I also have learned I seem to have no idea how to feed myself, so I am recommiting to Tracy’s way.  I did lose 12 pounds in a month, which is pretty amazing.  But I am throwing in Perricone Metabolic Miracle Days in there, too.  I don’t think I want to do it straight again, but losing a pound (very healthfully) in a day is outstanding.  Basically, bad, starchy carbs = The Devil, and I am learning that more and more every day.  They just taste SO DARN YUMMY!!!  <3

So I am pulling my eating menu from Four Sources:

I am ALSO allowing myself three, and ONLY three cheats a week.  Bootcamp was one thing being only 30 days, there was definitely an end in site.  Once this is over with the 90 days, I don’t want to end because I have some definite weight to lose.  So that is either three desserts; three meals; two meals and one dessert; you catch the drill.  I feel like this is attainable for me.

So once I am back from feeling sick (hopefully later this week) I will be hitting it hard again with Sequence IV, though I feel like the first three sequences were a bit of a wash.  :/

I also have decided to make it more interesting for myself with…REWARDS!!!  I was going to do ten pounds, but I have decided to do eight.  I have been working more lately, so I am having a bit of extra fun wiggle room with spending.  : )

So for each eight pounds

  • Head Kandy Hair Extensions:  I decided on the 20-22 inch in Bunny Blonde since I can always cut them and layer them since I have pretty short hair.
  • Miss Me Jeans.  I could get them now, and I thought I would, but I want to be a good 16 pounds lighter at least so I can fit in a smaller size!! : D   I love the wings so much on them!
  • Brazilian Blowout Zero:  I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Brazilian Blowout, but I plan to get the Zero done, which is supposed to have no formaldehyde.  I think it would be fabulous for my hair.  I have done so much damage to it, and this is supposed to really repair it, though it is extremely pricey.
  • Instead of the Brazilian Blowout Zero, I may spring for this dress from  They have such amazing dresses!! 

And that is it for now as far as the rewards go.  I am really motivated to get the hair extensions for sure, and I know health and looking good are good motivations, but presents also can be extra rewarding, too!!

So my next blog will be when I am up and feeling better from being sick!  I hope your workouts are going well, and I hope you enjoy the blog look update!  It was in need of some fun pics of life and things I love.  Hope you are all doing well!! <3

Down a pound and a half with Weight Watchers-Tracy Anderson’s Abcentric

So I don’t know what was up with my scale, but I was down another pound and a half!!  So a net of eight pounds!  And that was with taking the steroid for pneumonia.  I am glad I am losing weight after gaining some back after Bootcamp.  Maybe it was all the coconut water yesterday?  I don’t know!  I am very happy but not really expecting a weight loss tomorrow, maybe even water retention from Prednisone.  We will see!  I also know that you shouldn’t be obsessed with the scales, but I know when I stop weighing myself, things creep, so for me, it’s a great check.

So I order Tracy Anderson’s Abcentric Workout today!  I spent an extra $10 to get it expedited shipping, so I hope it will come soon.  I was going to get Omnicentric for the all over toning, but I decided to go with really concentrating on my abs this round.  It’s exciting that she has a full year of different workouts all lined up if you want!  🙂  And it’s cheaper than a gym. 

My sister and I want to do the workout together, so now that she is all done with her hard chemo, it will be fun to get in shape together.

My meals went well today! 


Here is what I use for my protein shake:


3/4 cup Unsweetened Almond milk: 1point

2 scoops of protein powder.  All raw, sprouted, and vegan!  19 grams of protein each shake, and not hard to digest meat protein:  1point

1 tablespoon of raw cocao powder: 1 point

*Tiny* bit of organic brown sugar.  I really am against using faux sweeteners because they just make me more hungry.  Even Stevia makes me sugar hungry, and it’s more natural.  I just find my body likes the real stuff and is satisfied.  (1 teaspoon = 0 points!)

It’s a little chalky tasting, but the cocao makes it super yummy and I find myself craving this.  I just shake it HARD.  I have a Vitamix, but it’s so little, it’s not really worth the time or cleanup.

 I also had two tablespoons of chia seeds:  3 points

Total for breakfast:  6 points

Lunch has half a sea bass sandwich with one piece of wheat bread and some tartar sauce.  I really didn’t like it very much:  6 points

I actually made a Weight Watchers Recipe for Dinner as well as something from Tracy!

I made pork tenderloin: 4 points

Score: 8/10  AMAZING RECIPE!!!!!  I love it!  It’s from the Weight Watchers Website and has 3 points per serving, but I had a little more.  First time I have ever made a pork tenderloin, but it has an amazing herb crust.

And Tracy’s Asparagus!! 😀  0 points!

I also had some blueberries, blackberries, and an apple: 0 points!

And I decided to go over and delve a bit into my extra 49 points, which I have to say felt very weird.  I don’t want to use all my extra points, but it’s nice to have that option.  I did use them late at night, though, so I hope that doesn’t impact me too much tomorrow.

Mimi’s Beignets:  22 points!!  YIKES.

So I used 39 points, and I have 39 points to last me until Tuesday as far as extra goes.

So that was my day! 🙂



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