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OPI You Don’t Know Jacques! Suede Nail Polish Review

What girl doesn’t love nail polish? 

I type a lot for my job, so I like to find a fast-drying nail polish.

I bought this OPI Suede Finish Nail Polish at a beauty store.  It has a suede-like matte finish.

Color:  You Don’t Know Jacques! Suede

  I didn’t do any bottom or top coat, and I applied two coats of the color.





  I have to say even though it’s starting to chip on Day Three, I love this polish because it DRIES so QUICKLY.  After you have finished painting your second nail, the first nail is already COMPLETELY dry, which is great if you’re a girl on the go or just impatient. <3 

I would like to buy more colors in the suede finish.  It might not chip as easily if a top coat is applied, but that would make it more shiny, which would defeat the suede, matte finish.  It also won’t dry as fast.  So I would rather just repaint the nail once it starts chipping, because it really would only take ten seconds to do.

 What is your favorite nail polish brand and color to use?

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Welcome to Bombshell Lolita, a blog to inspire creativity, fashion, beauty, body, and all things feminine. Bombshell Lolita will do tutorials on decodening and crystallizing items, makeup techniques, fashion looks, sewing, and other topics such as organizing, health, and making your life more beautiful.

I decided to create Bombshell Lolita because I wanted a place to funnel creativity, hopefully while encouraging others to try things they may not have ever tried before, and I myself learning new things from you guys, my readers!

I picked the name Bombshell Lolita because it is two very distinct female forms, yet they are both similar in many aspects. My personal style is an amalgamation, meaning I love a little bit of every type of everything and love to piece different looks together or do certain looks one day and others another. I think that many people are like that, too, and it is so fun to experiment and create.

I hope you enjoy!

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