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Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 9, Day 13 of 366, and Ignite Maxx

I had gained back a full pound after eating half my extra bonus points on Monday, but by this morning, I was down -.6 pounds, so total weight loss is 2.6 pounds again.  I hope I can get back down to -3 or even -4 by Friday.  I am really liking Weight Watchers.  It is nice to be able to live your life and make it as healthy as you want it.  It can be a little neurotic at times, but it’s going well.  I have definitely eaten way less than I was, and I am making much better choices and saving calories for what I REALLY feel like rather than just settling and mindlessly munching.  Although the weightloss isn’t as big as it was doing purely Tracy Anderson Diet, I feel like I will be able to stick with this.  If I can lose 4-5 pounds a month, that will be so exciting!  I know I lost 12 the first month doing Tracy’s program, but I gained it all (plus a bit) so it wasn’t lasting for me.

I had really bad shin splints yesterday from all the power walking I did on Monday (I should have had better shoes) , and I wasn’t feeling very well, so I didn’t work out yesterday.  Oddly, I have been really careful with Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio, which is notorious for shin splints, and I haven’t had any from her workouts.  But today my shins were definitely better.  As I was started my muscular structure workout, I got 40 reps of arms done, some freestyle ab dancing done, and halfway through my 30 reps of leg movements, I started getting super nauseous.  I am still really nauseous.  I am not sure why, either.  I stopped my workout for the day because I felt emesis coming on.  So I will be repeating Day 9 tomorrow.

I have also decided to only do 5 days a week of working out instead of 6, but hopefully getting up to 60 minutes of cardio instead of 30 or 40 minutes those days.  I will be doing 2 days on, 1 day off, and repeat from there.  At this point, 6 days a week is overwhelming, and I don’t seem to be quite hitting it like I had hoped.  It actually ends up being a longer workout also doing it five days a week instead of 6.

On a fun side note, I saw Transformers 3 in 3D at an RPX theater, which is a smaller scale of IMAX but really nice sound and tall, leather seats.  It was a little campy at parts, but it was fun going to a movie and getting your money’s worth.  The cars in it were fantastic.  I thought I wouldn’t like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but she was pretty likable and was very adorable in it.  Well, she is GORGEOUS, but she was just so pretty to look at.  I definitely like watching movies more for pretty girls than I do good looking guys.  I am as straight as they come, but women are just so beautiful and elegant, and it gives me something to strive for more.  My biggest girl-crush is definitely Emma Stone.  She is just so much fun to watch, and it seems like she always brings herself into the role.

On ANOTHER side note, I have decided to try this product:

Now, I am usually not one to try diet pills.  I don’t think they work and are a waste of money.  HOWEVER, my mom read an article in First for Women magazine issue, and then I found it and bought it as well.

In the issue, Dr. Perricone, whom I love, spoke about capsicum, which is found in cayenne and chili peppers.  Apparently, capsicum is able to rev up your internal core and this product helps you burn an extra 278-600 calories a day.  It’s pretty amazing.  It also helps insulin levels.  It really speeds up your metabolism.  *Needed disclaimer*: Make sure you talk to your doctor.  : )

Here is the website:


Ignite Maxx is good, too, because it has a special coating and time-release formula so it is SUPPOSED to not give you heartburn.

The one concern I have is about revving up one’s metabolism.  Obviously, faster metabolisms mean more weight loss, but recent studies have shown having a slower metabolism means a longer life.  Basically, your body isn’t burning itself up and wearing itself down.  Even though more frequently speeds up your metabolism, eating less times a day helps your body not work so hard.  But, at the current time, I think I need a bit of a rev in my body.  Being overweight isn’t safe, either.  I can slow down my metabolism LATER in life when I am thinner, hopefully.  : )

It should come in 1-3 weeks.  They are on back order because of the article, unfortunately.  I am really excited about this product, though!  It is natural and it seems safe.  It does have caffeine, which can bother me, but we will see.

So I will talk to you all tomorrow!! <3



Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 8, Day 11 of 366

So I skipped Sunday’s workout as well because I was feeling lousy.  I had a new prescription that apparently I am allergic to.  After three days and my third dose, I got flu-like muscle pains, stomach aches, and chills, which apparently were the “rare but serious side effects.”  But I took some Benadryl, called the doctor, and got it all straightened out.  I was hoping I wasn’t getting sick or anything, so I am glad it was just the medicine, though I wasn’t glad I was allergic to yet another drug.  Listen to your body, people, for sure!  What made me upset was the doctor didn’t really think that is what caused my symptoms, even though I looked at the pamphlet and it said in bold LOOK FOR THESE RARE BUT SERIOUS SYMPTOMS and I looked after the fact I was experiencing the side effects.  I won’t be going back to that doctor.  I am so blessed to also have my mom who is a pharmacist!  She is one of the smartest women I know.

I unfortunately forgot to weigh myself today, so tomorrow I will weigh in.  My Weight Watchers week started over, and I splurged today on a meal (man, I love milkshakes) so I already am down from 49 points to 28 extra bonus points to last me until Sunday.  But that is okay.  It was worth it.  But it is out of my system, so that’s good.

I walked A LOT today, though, and purposefully, which was nice, even in AWFUL Houston humidity, but it was about 45 minutes today, so that was my cardio for the day.  I did miss doing the dance cardio, but I still wasn’t feeling quite up to par from the medicine allergy, so walking was good today.

My muscular work went good!!

  • Arms:  40 reps
  • Abs:  30 reps
  • Legs:  30 reps

It feels like Sequence 1 is lasting forever, even though I only have two days left.  But it is going well.  And I am glad I did the MS work today, because I really didn’t feel like it at all!  I also noticed today that my legs felt thinner.  I had my hands down, and I could tell I lost some chub, which was nice.  <3

Talk to you all later!  <3

Tracy Anderson Bootcamp, Day 7, Days 8 and 9 of 366

So on Day 7, yesterday, I hit my 3 pound weight loss in a week!  Very excited and happy!  But today, I was up .4 of a pound.  I am not worried, though, but I am feeling thinner for sure.  : )

I used up all my extra points for the week today and yesterday, so tomorrow is my last day of the week for WW.

My reps were way better:

  • Cardio:  30 minutes.  The TV was being occupied by my dad who was visiting, and my sister was using her big comp and backing it up, so I actually made up my own dance moves for a half hour.  Very hard, very corny, but actually a good workout!
  • Abs:  30
  • Arms:  30
  • Legs:  30

Today should be Day 8, but due to circumstances of the day (being gone all day due to no power at the hotel :/ bleh) I am going to take today off for the week and let it be my rest day.  I thought I wanted Sundays off, but this week, it’s going to be Saturday.

Very happy to be down in weight and looks like in inches.  I finally got a tape measure, so I can take my measurements.

Talk to you all tomorrow!! <3

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