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Up to $16.76, Down -2.5 pounds

Well, my weight loss journey is going quite well!¬† In the first week, I am down two and a half pounds, from Friday to Friday! ūüôā¬† I also have made a total of $16.76 from working out and eating well.

Yesterday and today for breakfast, I made myself a quick shake using unsweetened almond milk, vegan Sun Warrior protein powder, raw cocao, and a tiny, tiny bit of organic brown sugar.  Two healthy breakfasts = $1.00

For lunch yesterday was the…Cheesecake Factory, but I did so good!¬† I had a spinach, shitake mushroom, and goat cheese omelet (didn’t eat the whole thing), and one tiny bite of banana cheesecake.¬† It was a neutral meal, but my mom was so proud of me, she contributed 75 cents to my cause! ūüôā¬† = $0.75

For lunch today, I had a small tuna sandwich, some olives, and some raw sauerkraut.  Neutral meal.

For dinner yesterday, I had some¬†organic¬†peanut butter and some “healthy”¬†jelly on a few crackers.¬† ¬†Neutral meal.

For dinner tonight, I went to PF Chang’s and had the Singapore Street Noodles.¬† They are made of rice noodles and have chicken, shrimp, and veggies.¬† I consider this a neutral meal.¬† It isn’t fried, so that’s good.

For snack yesterday, I had blueberries!  = $0.50

For snack today, I had some homemade banana bread.  = $-0.50

I did not work out yesterday because we were in the process of moving, so I got movement done, but I am not counting any of that towards “working out.”

Today’s workout went well!¬† I went on a 25 minute walk, and…I FOUND a penny!¬† See, I AM making money working out.¬† ; )¬† I also did Buns of Steel video, so I worked out 75 minutes today.¬† I was feeling a bit lazy and was going to only do part of the video, but my sister said she would kick in 50 cents extra if I did the whole video.¬† : )¬† So I did.¬† I made = $3.01!

So my new total is $16.76! ūüôā¬† It is great finding money on the ground, huh?

At dinner today with my AWESOME friends, we were talking about Tracy Anderson’s workout and Bootcamp.¬† I find myself missing Bootcamp.¬† I can’t wait to get into Metamorphosis starting Tuesday (hopefully) or Wednesday.¬† She just is such a great trainer.¬† When I see people who are consistent with her Method, the results speak for themselves.¬† I am also glad working out has given me two and a half pounds this week.¬† Hopefully once I get home again, I will be able to workout MORE.


Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 9 (this time for real), Day 15 of 366

I lost an entire pound this morning!¬† Total weight loss in two weeks has been four pounds!!¬† ūüôā¬† I am very happy.¬† It is, again, so nice getting to eat the foods you like and STILL lose weight, for the long haul.¬† I hope to drop 8 pounds this month, but 10 would be fabulous because I will be in the next weight decade.¬† But I will be more than happy with eight.¬† I have a feeling I might be up, though, tomorrow.¬† We shall see…

Workout was REALLY good today!  Since my shin splints are so much better, I decided to take it sitll a little easy, so instead of doing dance cardio, I did the Elliptical at the hotel.

  • Cardio:¬† 40 minutes (yay! longer) Elliptical
  • Abs:¬† 40 reps (yay!) and some freestyle ab dancing since I didn’t do Bootcamp Cardio
  • Arms:¬† 40 reps
  • Legs:¬† 30 reps

The legs were REALLY hard today.  I also added 20 extra plies and 20 tricep pullovers and 20 tricep overhead squeezes with a 3-pound weight for the arms.  I just felt like a little extra for the arms.  Triceps are always a doozy of a problem.

I have 10 bonus PlusPoints for Weight Watchers left over for Saturday and Sunday.

I have fallen in love with Dreyer’s Slow-Churned ice cream.¬† I have the Cookies and Cream flavor (the Kroger near me doesn’t have Cookie Dough Flavor, what the fridge?!) but a half a cup is only 3 points.¬† I feel like I could make my own milkshake now with it and use 10 points up instead of 20 found in normal ice cream, and it would be just as good.

I don’t want to eat ice cream all the time, but it’s nice to be able to if I wanted to and STILL lose weight! <3¬† So happy about the four pounds.

And I SHOULD be taking before photos tomorrow as well as measurements tomorrow.

Have a fabulous weekend!!! <3

Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 9, Day 13 of 366, and Ignite Maxx

I had gained back a full pound after eating half my extra bonus points on Monday, but by this morning, I was down -.6 pounds, so total weight loss is 2.6 pounds again.¬† I hope I can get back down to -3 or even -4 by Friday.¬† I am really liking Weight Watchers.¬† It is nice to be able to live your life and make it as healthy as you want it.¬† It can be a little neurotic at times, but it’s going well.¬† I have definitely eaten way less than I was, and I am making much better choices and saving calories for what I REALLY feel like rather than just settling and mindlessly munching.¬† Although the weightloss isn’t as big as it was doing purely Tracy Anderson Diet, I feel like I will be able to stick with this.¬† If I can lose 4-5 pounds a month, that will be so exciting!¬† I know I lost 12 the first month doing Tracy’s program, but I gained it all (plus a bit) so it wasn’t lasting for me.

I had really bad shin splints yesterday from all the power walking I did on Monday (I should have had better shoes) , and I wasn’t feeling very well, so I didn’t work out yesterday.¬† Oddly, I have been really careful with Tracy Anderson Dance Cardio, which is notorious for¬†shin splints, and I haven’t had any from her workouts.¬† But today my shins¬†were definitely better.¬† As I was started my muscular structure workout, I got 40 reps of arms done, some freestyle¬†ab dancing done, and halfway through my 30 reps of leg movements, I started getting super nauseous.¬† I am still really nauseous.¬† I am not sure why, either.¬† I stopped my workout for the day because I felt emesis coming on.¬† So I will be repeating Day 9 tomorrow.

I have also decided to only do 5 days a week of working out instead of 6, but hopefully getting up to 60 minutes of cardio instead of 30 or 40 minutes those days.¬† I will be doing 2 days on, 1 day off, and repeat from there.¬† At this point, 6 days a week is overwhelming, and I don’t seem to be quite hitting it like I had hoped.¬† It actually ends up being a longer workout also doing it five days a week instead of 6.

On a fun side note, I saw Transformers 3 in 3D at an RPX theater, which is a smaller scale of IMAX but really nice sound and tall, leather seats.¬† It was a little campy at parts, but it was fun going to a movie and getting your money’s worth.¬† The cars in it were fantastic.¬† I thought I wouldn’t like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but she was pretty likable and was very adorable in it.¬† Well, she is GORGEOUS, but she was just so pretty to look at.¬† I definitely like watching movies more for pretty girls than I do good looking guys.¬† I am as straight as they come, but women are just so beautiful and elegant, and it gives me something to strive for more.¬† My biggest girl-crush is definitely Emma Stone.¬† She is just so much fun to watch, and it seems like she always brings herself into the role.

On ANOTHER side note, I have decided to try this product:

Now, I am usually not one to try diet pills.¬† I don’t think they work and are a waste of money.¬† HOWEVER, my mom read an article in First for Women magazine issue, and then I found it and bought it as well.

In the issue, Dr. Perricone, whom I love, spoke about capsicum, which is found in cayenne and chili peppers.¬† Apparently, capsicum is able to rev up your internal core and this product helps you burn an extra 278-600 calories a day.¬† It’s pretty amazing.¬† It also helps insulin levels.¬† It really speeds up your metabolism.¬† *Needed disclaimer*: Make sure you talk to your doctor.¬† : )

Here is the website:


Ignite Maxx is good, too, because it has a special coating and time-release formula so it is SUPPOSED to not give you heartburn.

The one concern I have is about revving up one’s metabolism.¬† Obviously, faster metabolisms mean more weight loss, but recent studies have shown having a slower metabolism means a longer life.¬† Basically, your body isn’t burning itself up and wearing itself down.¬† Even though more frequently speeds up your metabolism, eating less times a day helps your body not work so hard.¬† But, at the current time,¬†I think I need a bit of a rev in my body.¬† Being overweight isn’t safe, either.¬† I can slow down my metabolism LATER in life when I am thinner, hopefully.¬† : )

It should come in 1-3 weeks.  They are on back order because of the article, unfortunately.  I am really excited about this product, though!  It is natural and it seems safe.  It does have caffeine, which can bother me, but we will see.

So I will talk to you all tomorrow!! <3



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