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Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Abcentric Day Six!

I made it a whole week!!  So happy! <3  And I am very much looking forward to having tomorrow off!  I also won’t be blogging on my days off of working out, so I will see you all the next day!

I bought my scale and weighed myself mid-day, and I was a good two pounds less than I thought I was!  : )  So I know I HAVE lost weight since my heaviest while I have been in Texas, but now I have a true guideline to go by.

The MS work went really well.  For the kneeling leg work, I have learned that pillows completely help!  So if your arms or knees have been hurting, try pillows or even kneepads.  The cardio I definitely struggled with today.  I was tired about 18 minutes into it, but I pushed through it and finished.  Also, I bought Britney Spears’ new album that came out — NOT loving it at ALL.  It’s disappointing, which is a bummer because her music is really fun.  I think there is, like, one or two songs that I really like on it.  So I think that hindered my workout a bit.

Eating was fine, but still no veggies!?  I had my vegan raw sprouted protein shake for breakfast with raw cacao and a banana and almond milk.  For lunch I had organic tofu with tomato sauce, which is a Fuhrman recipe, which was really yummy!  I had some fruit and nuts for a snack.  For dinner, I really wasn’t hungry, so I had my F-Factor fiber cereal with almond milk.  I think all the fiber I have been eating is really helping my diet for sure.  I probably should have had a salad in there, though.

I did take pics, BUT I am wearing one of my sister’s wig (our favorite wigs of hers, it even has roots!) because I didn’t really feel like doing my hair at the moment.  It’s such a nice synthetic wig, too.  I don’t think I have enough courage yet to post the pics, so I will be taking more pics on either Day 20 or Day 30 and will post them along with those.  It will be so exciting to document all the changes!! 🙂  I took it with two different pairs of pants, one with gray sweatpants and one with jeggings.  I have the same shirt I wore when I did Bootcamp.

I am so happy to have a day off tomorrow!  Hope your rest days and workouts go well.  <3

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day Five

Today was definitely a hard day to get in a solid workout, but I managed to.  I had to break it up, though, which was okay.  I actually did cardio first, then in the evening I did the MS work.  I could also feel the workout much more today than I have before so far.  I could feel it a lot deeper.

I also realize that I need to go buy a scale.  It is definitely more interesting when you can see if you are making progress, though again, I’m really trying to eat for health, not necessarily become obsessed with a particular number on a scale.  Plus it’s interesting to share on a blog, too!  I always like seeing other people’s progress daily.  🙂

According to “Eat to Live” by Dr. Fuhrman, being the 5’2″ girl that I am, I should weigh about 105 pounds.  Given my frame, if I could get to around 110, I would be beyond ecstatic!  Every inch, if you are a girl, add five pounds.  So if you are a 5’6″ girl, you should weigh 120 pounds.  The last time I weighed 110 pounds was when I was in 5th grade and then when I was 14 I was 105 pounds when I had mono.

Here is a REALLY great read on Dr. Fuhrman’s blog, Disease Proof.  It really puts in perspective how “hard” we think it is to eat right and “I could never do that” but when we end up doing in return.  PLEASE read it.  It is really eye-opening.

Eating was a bit weird.  For breakfast, I had a little bit of oatmeal with some slivered almonds, topped with raisins, and sweetened with applesauce.  For lunch, I had an Amy’s meal that was vegan stir fry with rice noodles, but I don’t think it was my healthiest choice, although it did have an all right portion of veggies, it still was processed, even if it was organic.  I also had some chia seeds and nuts for added protein, fat and fiber.  For dinner, I had a really big salad with kidney beans, carrots, and black olives.  Very tasty.  I had some fruit for dessert.  I have noticed I am not as hungry as I used to be, so I have been trying to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry and not mindlessly snack, which is hard.

My new goal is to get an entire pound of veggies in every day.  Dr. Fuhrman wants you to get two pounds in a day, but I am going to try super hard to get in one pound starting out.

How are you guys doing?  I hope very well.  My sister’s chemo starts this week, so please pray it continues to work.  She had to stop for a while due to too low of counts and an infection, so please keep up all the prayers!! <3  Much love to all of you.  And hopefully I can get the darn comments sorted out soon from all the icky spam.

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day Four

Today’s MS work was much better.  I could do more reps of legs without stopping so much, so that was nice.  I previewed Sequence 2, and I can’t wait for Days 11-20!  🙂

Cardio was good, too.  I was REALLY tired, but the last 15 minutes of the half hour went much better.  Britney Spears helped with that one.  🙂

Eating was well, but I didn’t eat ANY vegetables, which DEFINITELY is not Dr. Fuhrman approved.

For Breakfast, I had my raw sprouted vegan rice protein powder shake (click here for my recipe except I used half of  a banana instead of brown sugar.  I think I might use dates next time.  But very low carb, and a great thing if you are allergic to soy and whey and want a vegan alternative.  Again, though, it is a bit chalky.

For lunch, my sis and I split a bag of organic edema with a little bit of soy sauce.  I also snacked on some nuts and fruit.

I had some coconut water during my workout, too.

For dinner, I had my F-Factor cereal.  I like F-Factor because Fiber One has aspartame in it.  Bleh.

So tomorrow I plan to eat much more veggies.   If I have time to run to the grocery store, I am going to get frozen strawberries so I can make a green smoothie.  Overall, a really nice workout day and eating day, though.



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