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Decoden/Crystallized Profile

I wanted to do a quick, fun craft post of things I have gemmed, just as a personal portfolio.  <3  I will probably repost this as my profile is updated.

Crystallizing is gemming.  There are different types of gems you can buy.  Rhinestones can be made with glass, acrylic, gem quartz, metal, or paste.  The best crystals you can buy are glass, and those are Swarovski.  If you are gemming an item for a small child, though, Czech crystals, which are still very high in quality, are better because of the lead content in Swarovski Crystals, and kids have a tendency of ingesting items.  If I were to Crystallize my skin, I would also probably use Czech crystals.

Swarovski has many different shapes and sizes of crystals, but their most common for decocarting items are regular flatbacks or heatfix stones.  I am finding myself more liking to work with heatfix stones because they are very secure on the fabric.  I am working on some big projects right now, and I would eventually like to open up a shop on my blog with some projects I am doing.

Crystallizing is so inspiring, and you can gem nearly ANYTHING!

Here are some items I have Crystallized:

This was my old phone back in 2008.  This was the third phone I had Crystallized with Swarovski Crystals, the first Android based phone, the G1.  I used 9 ss in Fuchsia, Rose, and Light Rose, darker to lighter.  I used GemTac, but I wasn’t too happy with the way it held up over a long time.  My first phone I gemmed lasted wonderfully with GemTac.


I had some left over crystals, so I gemmed my Tarte makeup brush.  This was in 2010.  This was the first time I used a two-part epoxy glue.

This is my most recent phone, my Android Samsung Vibrant phone.  I did this phone this year.  I used all different sizes of Aurora Borealis Swarovski stones, and I decided to go a bit more chaotic with the design, randomly placing crystals.  I used about five different sizes, though if I could do it over again, I would add about two or three more sizes to make it that much more ecclectic.  I used what I had on stock, and it was probably one of my most fun gemming projects personally.

For my pics and instructions on how to do these Leopard Shoes, go here: 🙂

Decoden is a Japanese form of crystallizing items, but they don’t need to be all crystals.  They can be fun, cute little cabochens made up of plastic, glass, or clay.

My first decoden project was a plain gold and mirror necklace I purchased at Forever 21.  I added flatback pearls purchased at Michael’s, though Swarovski make some nice flatback pearls.  I purchased the rose at a bead shoppe.


For more pics and instructions on this decoden mirror compact, go here:!  🙂

Here is a different type of decoden, more of a whipped cream look.  You can use squeezable caulking silicone and cake frosting heads to get more of a cake look, but I used an art median, glue, a cake head, and white paint.  I wasn’t too happy with this look, and I will not be doing it again, hence I didn’t do a blog about it.  It didn’t hold the cake frosting look I was going for, but it did hold the items well after a very long time of drying, months.  I was a bit concerned about fumes with silicone, but I think if you do it outside, get a basic silicone with no latex or vinyl, and wear a mask, it shouldn’t be too bad.  You can always look up the MSD sheet of toxic products online or at the hardware store to see just how toxic and harmful fumes can be.  When I do try silicone decoden style, I will do a blog post on it.  I did make the bow and rose out of clay with molds, though.

Last but not least, my tiny 8.9 Acer Aspire One Laptop Decoden cover!  I bought my supplies all over the place, ranging from Michael’s to bead shoppes to online gem suppliers, my favortie being Dreamtime Creations.  I will do a tutorial on how to achieve this look.  It is a super fun look for a computer, though, and I finished off the side with a white lace trim.  If you don’t want to permanently glue items to your computer, do what I did and buy a peal-away vinyl sticker made for printing a computer skin and simply gem that.  That way if you get board or need to have a professional computer, you can take it off when you need to.

And those are my Crystal Creations for now.  What have you guys done?  🙂 

Leopard Swarovski Crystal Shoes

 Shoes are the finishing touch to an outfit.  When I got married, I wanted something very unique and different.


*NOTE* None of these pics were edited.  The sparkles ARE really there from the Swarovski Crystals!


Leopard print has always been one of my most favorite fashion staples.  Whether it’s in style or not at the time, I will always be a leopard girl.  So instead of going for basic white, I decided to do leopard shoes for my wedding.  But I didn’t want to do just ANY leopard, I wanted it to be fantastic, so I decided to make them more like a piece of jewelry and cover them with Swarovski Crystals.


The shoe brand is Boutique 9 , which is affiliated with the Nine West Company brand.  I unfortunately didn’t film the tutorial before I did it, so this was the only before photo I could find.

It was hard finding the right shoe because I wanted to find a large leopard print so the design would not get lost in the crystals.  I think a smaller print wouldn’t have looked as good.

The texture was also good because it was calf skin, so it had the furry “hairy” texture.  Usually, I hate that texture and I try to avoid animal products as much as possible when there is a vegan alternative, but these worked well.


To do you your own pair of shoes, you will need the following:

  1. A pair of shoes.
  2. Glue or a HeatFix Gun.  If I were to do this project over again, I would have used the Bejeweler Pro, which is different than the Bedazzler.  It is about $20 online, and it comes in blue or pink.  You can also find it sometimes in craft stores or other similar ones by different companies.  What’s great is it picks up the gem for you, heats the glue up, and permantly adheres it to the fabric.  It won’t work on everything, but for fabric shoes, it would have been perfect.  Or I would have used Epoxy Glue.  On this project, I used GemTac, which overall, has done quite well but still has had crystals fall off.  I got married in 2007, so the shoes really have held up well.
  3. Wax sticks.  If you do use glue, GET WAX PICK UP STICKS.  It will save you so much time.  I don’t understand why people use tweezers because it can really cramp your hand.  The wax sticks are great because it just picks the gem right up.  They have dental wax on one end of the stick.  I am planning to make my own sometime.
  4. Crystals!  Get Swarovski crystals if you’re taking the time and effort to do this.  I used 9ss size which I find to be about the perfect amount of shimmer for a shoe.  7ss would take a bit longer and be more expensive due to more crystals needed.  If you are using hotfix stones, use 10ss or 8ss, but I would go with 10ss.  I used the colors Jet Black, Golden Shadow, and Smoke Topaz.

Start from one section of the shoe and just work your way around, making sure that when the two sections meet, you space them out so you don’t have a big gap where they meet.  If you are using the Beweler Pro, you really want to make sure that you are careful when the two sides that you are gemming meet because the Beweler Pro REALLY sticks and it is almost impossible to peel off.  I would almost recommend using GemTac to do a few ons so you can move them around to make sure it matches and no gapping happens.  Then you can heat set them with the the Bejeweler Pro or a mini craft iron.


Here, if you look REALLY closely, along the bottom you could tell I had started putting *tiny* 5ss black crystals below the leopard pattern along the base of the shoe, but I stopped because it really wasn’t making a difference and I felt like it wasn’t worth the time. 


This is not a cheap project by any means, so make sure you really want to make this investment.  A pair of Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks would have been really classic to do and would have made them even more high fashion, but these were so perfect for what I was looking for and the price was right.  The shoes had over 8,000 crystals, too, so again, the price does add up.

But I wouldn’t have changed them for the world.

Here you can see them barely peaking out!

 Could you imagine doing a red pair of Christian Louboutins with the red soles showing, too?  It’s Dorthy’s dream shoe! <3 


It also would have been a cute touch to add a beautiful Satin Silk Midori Ribbon bow to the back.  Maybe I will make an attachable pair sometime for the back!


Have any of you guys decked out your shoes in any way (for any occasion)?  Did you do something extra unique at your wedding?  Send me your pics if so and I will post them in a gallery!!

 Check out more pics of this on my Facebook page!


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