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Up to $16.76, Down -2.5 pounds

Well, my weight loss journey is going quite well!  In the first week, I am down two and a half pounds, from Friday to Friday! 🙂  I also have made a total of $16.76 from working out and eating well.

Yesterday and today for breakfast, I made myself a quick shake using unsweetened almond milk, vegan Sun Warrior protein powder, raw cocao, and a tiny, tiny bit of organic brown sugar.  Two healthy breakfasts = $1.00

For lunch yesterday was the…Cheesecake Factory, but I did so good!  I had a spinach, shitake mushroom, and goat cheese omelet (didn’t eat the whole thing), and one tiny bite of banana cheesecake.  It was a neutral meal, but my mom was so proud of me, she contributed 75 cents to my cause! 🙂  = $0.75

For lunch today, I had a small tuna sandwich, some olives, and some raw sauerkraut.  Neutral meal.

For dinner yesterday, I had some organic peanut butter and some “healthy” jelly on a few crackers.   Neutral meal.

For dinner tonight, I went to PF Chang’s and had the Singapore Street Noodles.  They are made of rice noodles and have chicken, shrimp, and veggies.  I consider this a neutral meal.  It isn’t fried, so that’s good.

For snack yesterday, I had blueberries!  = $0.50

For snack today, I had some homemade banana bread.  = $-0.50

I did not work out yesterday because we were in the process of moving, so I got movement done, but I am not counting any of that towards “working out.”

Today’s workout went well!  I went on a 25 minute walk, and…I FOUND a penny!  See, I AM making money working out.  ; )  I also did Buns of Steel video, so I worked out 75 minutes today.  I was feeling a bit lazy and was going to only do part of the video, but my sister said she would kick in 50 cents extra if I did the whole video.  : )  So I did.  I made = $3.01!

So my new total is $16.76! 🙂  It is great finding money on the ground, huh?

At dinner today with my AWESOME friends, we were talking about Tracy Anderson’s workout and Bootcamp.  I find myself missing Bootcamp.  I can’t wait to get into Metamorphosis starting Tuesday (hopefully) or Wednesday.  She just is such a great trainer.  When I see people who are consistent with her Method, the results speak for themselves.  I am also glad working out has given me two and a half pounds this week.  Hopefully once I get home again, I will be able to workout MORE.


Up to $12.00 today! :) Down -1.5 pounds

Today I was down another pound, so down a net of a pound and a half.  🙂  And I ate very well today!  $1.50 well, to be exact.

Breakfast was a banana peanut butter almond milk vegan protein shake made with Sun Warrior protein.  +50 cents

Lunch was a salad and minestrone soup.  +50 cents

Dinner was Shepherd’s Pie made with organic grass fed beef.  Neutral meal.

Snake was pineapple.  It ALMOST was Ben and Jerry’s, but I resisted temptation.  I really wanted my 50 cents!!  +50 cents

My workout went well, too!  Had room today to do Buns of Steel, and it was really hard today, which is great.  It feels like it is getting harder in a way because I am pushing more, so that is good.  I also tried my Ballet Beautiful Swan Arm workout, which was 15 minutes long.  It was SO hard!!  Very calming, but very effective for sure.  It was totally worth $8 to buy it streaming.  It is a really great workout.  I also added TAM standing abs (Valentine’s Day and Stacy training YouTube videos), which is six minutes long, and then I did four minutes of some free-style leg exercises (which were hard).  So I made $2.50 working out today!

So I made $1.50 + 2.50 = $4.00 today! : )  Very happy with that!

I would get more of the Ballet Beautiful streaming videos, but that takes me to another part of my blog: Budget!  I already used up my “allowance” for the month, so no more buying until February.  :/

Do you guys know who  Gail Vaz-Oxlade is?  She has a show on CNBC called “Til Debt Do Us Part.”  She is FANTASTIC!  She also has a few books about money.  I have always been into finance, but I haven’t always been the best at it, and I got myself in trouble a few years ago.  Not HUGE trouble, but I definitely wasn’t as responsible with money as I should have been.  My husband is fantastic at it.  So this year, I really want to take the responsible plunge and become more strict with myself.  Last year (even last month), I would have just bought all the streaming videos, but since I used up my money for a month (I bought the new Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay at Sephora online, as well as a few other things), so no more fun shopping for myself.  And I don’t want to use my exercise/eating money, because that is for the BIG gift at the end of the year.

Gail is all about the Jar System (it is like the envelope system) and using cash and not debit cards to pay for daily things.  This year, I would really like to get control of many aspects of my life, like shopping and being healthy, as well as getting more organized.  Shopping and eating have always gone hand-in-hand for me.  If I was happy or sad, I would shop and then eat a fun meal to keep that “high” up, which I am sure I am not alone in this.  Also, my husband and I eat out WAY too much, especially while I was in Houston last year, so I am going to try to cook a lot more, especially from scratch.  I feel like it would be SO easy to eat a bunch of cheap crap, but then I would just be more fat, so I DON’T want to skimp on healthy food to save a buck.  It will definitely be a challenge to cook healthy on a budget.  I am hoping to even start gardening this year to save some money, so we will see if that will happen.

Have a great evening! <3


I was down a half pound today!  Yay!

Today’s workout was all right.  We are in the process of moving things, so the whole house was a bit of out sorts.  I actually really didn’t have much room to workout today, so I did some TAM YouTube videos for abs and arms, and some basic workout movements, like wall push-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, that type of thing.  I only worked out for a half hour today, so that was only $1, but it is still something.  Honestly, if I wasn’t paying myself, I would not have worked out.  I also wasn’t feeling super hot today, so that was part of the reason for the modified workout.

For breakfast, I ate pineapple and a banana.  I know it is a lot of fruit sugar, but it just sounded so good, and it was super satisfying.  So since fruit is good, I earned 50 cents for that.  For lunch, I had a tuna sandwich with some tomato and some raw sauerkraut, so I would say this meal is neutral since it is no junk food, even with the mayo.  It wasn’t very much mayo.  I did lose 50 cents for some froyo today.  For dinner, I had quinoa/corn pasta with some marinara sauce, so since it was no white flour, I would say it is a healthy meal.  So my net food for the day was again 50 cents.

So I am now up to $8.00! 🙂 

Also, the 50 cents is just how much I can afford to do this.  Some of you can afford to do more, some of you can do less.  The idea is to just do something for yourself, so just say you can only pay yourself 10 cents for working out 15 minutes or per healthy meal, you should do that!  The point is that by the end of the year, buying yourself, YOURSELF, something fabulous with the money you worked hard for.

I can’t quite decide what I would like to purchase at the end of the year.  Part of me thinks I should buy something practical, like new carpet, or put it in savings, but THAT isn’t super inspiring, is it?  A new big TV to workout with would be great, but I kind of what that sooner than the end of the year if I can get one.  My downfall, however, has always been designer purses.  I have a Coach now, which I love, and I have a few of those, but I would really love a Louis Vuitton.  I have wanted one for probably seven or eight years.  I know some think it is absolutely ridiculous to buy something so outlandish for that kind of money, but I think every time I would see that purse, I would think of how hard I worked for it, and it would remind me of the accomplishments I made.  My sister thinks I should get that purse because it’s what I really want, and I will work quite hard for it if that’s what I have in my mind to purchase.

So who knows what I will buy with it!  But that will be a fun time by the end of this year when I get to buy whatever I want because of my hard work in eating right and working out.  If I don’t work out enough, I won’t be able to even GET that purse!  If you guys are doing this plan, what would YOU buy?  Do you have some big purchase in your mind?

I definitely can’t wait to get into Meta when I get settled back at home in a little over a week.  However, I still really love doing Buns of Steel.  My butt is definitely getting more steel like.  ; )  I do have a few awesome friends I met on Facebook, Jude and Lynda, and they have been talking about Ballet Beautiful, and I so far bought the Swan Arms workout streaming, I viewed it, and it looks really good.  She was the trainer who trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan.  Here is the link if you want to order streaming videos or DVDs:  They look very hard yet calming-ish at the same time.  I am an exercise video junkie.  I just like to do a bunch of different things.

The important thing is to just keep GOING and to keep  doing SOMETHING and be consistent with it.  Again, taking things day by day, one day at a time, is really the only way to live life.  My family lives with uncertainty each and every day because of stupid metastatic cancer, but in reality, we all live with uncertainty in life.  So let us make this day count for something.



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