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Life Lately and New Year’s Resolutions!

Sorry I haven’t written in a while.  I have been a bit depressed lately.

Usually I try to write a post that people will learn something from, but this is going to be a vent/ life post, if that’s all right.

I am so beyond done with this year, it’s not even funny.  Having been dealing with my sister’s re-diagnosis for cancer at the end of last year, having to be away from my husband for seven months with a few visits in between while I’m helping out my family deal with chemo and hospitals, and being so drained (especially all-the-sudden lately) has taken its toll.

To quote Marilyn Monroe, I feel like I keep getting, “the fuzzy end of the lollipop.”  Does anyone feel like their life seems constantly on hold, like you’re not anywhere close to where you thought you would be seven years ago?

And then to add insult to injury, even the “little” things I have been looking forward to seem to be a constant disappointment.  My sister is completely obsessed with makeup, even more than I am, and we went to Sephora to try the new Temptu system, which she really wanted to get.

DISAPPOINTMENT!  It looked horrible on her and made her skin look bad.

We went to “Burlesque” the other day, thinking the movie would be fab.

DISAPPOINTMENT!  Almost-plots are never a good thing.

I bought some really expensive clip-in hair extensions because I am sick to death of my short hair, only to realize that because my hair is so short, I needed to buy two packages.  Now I realize I should have sprung for REALLY expensive hair extensions (like Head Kandy), but it’s too late now, and Sally Beauty Supply doesn’t accept returns on hair extensions.


Obviously, those things are total frivolous, but it’s sometimes the small things that make life great, and those and other small things in my life seem to a constant disappointment.

My sister, husband, family, and I are all Christians.  Some people expect Christians to always be these happy, phony people who live in La-La Land and not the real world.  Completely not the case.  And God doesn’t give us a free hand, either.  One of my amazing friends told my sister while she lay sick in the hospital that God feels pain, too, and we can experience God’s love but always experience His pain.  People only like to have good things happen in life, but without the bad, why would we even need God to depend on?  What test would that be?  God is pained, and sometimes deep, deep pain and going through that is the only way we can know God a little more.

No one wants to be inspired by someone who has it all and keeps having it all.  People are inspired by the Under Dog who still makes it despite everything that happened to them.  I feel like my family is caught in this dead end storm, but even storms do end.  I pray that next year is just better overall.  I want good things to happen for my family and friends who have been hit hard this year with sickness, death, and money problems. *Queue cheesy “This is My Christmas List” song in background.  I don’t even know who sings that!  It’s so bad, but so apropo right now.*

So what are you guys looking forward to being over with this year?  What are your New Year’s Resolutions?  I always feel better if when I am depressed, I end on a happier note, and lists and goals are always such an uplifting thing.

Mine are:

1.  Finish up with school online.  I am almost done with my schooling!!  I REALLY need to finish it.  I studied court reporting in school, I have passed half of my tests and need to pass two more to become a certified shorthand reporter.

2.  Pay off debt!  I bought Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s “Debt-Free Forever” book, and it is great.  She is the host of “‘Til Debt Do Us Part” and is a true genius of telling you exactly what you need to do to get out of debt in X amount of years.  I’ll do a review later on it.

I also need to STOP BUYING STUFF.  I have realized I have two extremes, shopping and eating.  I will either be exercising, looking good and wanting to feed my need of something, so I will want to shop, or I will want to celebrate and eat something.  Both of these also work when I am depressed, unfortunately.

3.  Keep up with Tracy Anderson.  Okay, guys, I have to admit, I have slacked off a bit after the Bootcamp and have had a lot of Eggnog, like, A LOT.  I honestly have no idea how I did her workout during TWO stays in the hospital, because this last time my sis was in, I only worked out two times.  And I already miss it a lot, and I miss her meals.  But I want to keep it up because I love the results I have and I love the way I feel.  So to get back into it feet first! 🙂  I am not waiting until the New Year for this, though, I just need to kick my own bottom a bit and start TODAY, which is my plan.

4.  Finish designing for my line.  I am in the sloooooooow process of getting a purse line (hopefully clothes to follow) out and I need to finish it.  Once my sister is better and I get to go back home, I would like to get my Associates in Fashion Design! 🙂

5.  Organize.  I need to get my house in order big time.

6.  Time management.  I really need to get more on a set schedule in my life.  I want to get up early, do my workouts in the morning before work, and just get more organized in that area.  I think I waste too much time on Facebook sometimes.  :p

7.  Toxic Relationship.  I have a friendship that I was finally able to end, and I hope it lasts now!! 🙂

And those are my goals.  I think they are doable.  What about you guys?  What are your goals?  Thanks for listening.  <3



Wig – Glam Rock by Forever Young 1B

Over the years, I have been blonde, brunette, nearly black, red, and now back to blonde.  It’s so much fun to change your look, and your hair is one of the most dramatic changes you can do.  So instead of dying my hair ALL the time anymore, I have been wearing wigs more often to change it up a bit.

Sadly, one of the reasons I have so many wigs on hand is because my sister is going through chemotherapy and so she decided to make the best of it and have fun changing her look with wigs.  I have to say, she can definitely pull off wigs amazingly!  She has a perfectly shaped head.  <3

Wigs can range in price anywhere from ten dollars to thousands of dollars depending on if it is synthetic, real human hair, lace front, et cetera.

So one of her wigs she purchased was from, and it is Glam Rock by Forever Young, in the color 1B.  They sell it for $41.95.

I have to say I like a high quality synthetic wig.  It retains its shape and is very low-maintenance.  If I were to do hair extensions, I would probably go with clip-in human hair (which I plan to try to do once my hair gets a tad longer), but synthetic is nice.  This is made of 100 percent Japanese fibers called Kanekalon.  It’s one of the highest quality synthetic types of hair you can find.


So to fit her face better, we took it to her hairstylist and had him put some cute shorter bangs on the front.

 It’s such a fun wig.  No matter what wig you wear, it’s going to be hot, but this one isn’t too bad at all.  It’s pretty comfy for a wig.  I love it because it’s so edgy.  It’s got a fun ’70s vintage vibe, a little bit Joan Jett a la Kristen Stewart, but it’s a  bit more updated.

The back of the wig:

One of the keys to a realistic wig is to make sure it has a fairly real-looking scalp.  Wigs with almost a matted scalp never look very good.  One of the best scalps to look for is called monofilament.  What’s great about it is it has a partable, true scalp and looks UNBELIEVABLY real.  Hair strands are hand tied one at a time to an almost transparent material that makes it truly look like a person’s scalp.  It will usually run you an extra $80-$100, however, so make sure it is worth your investment.

Here is the scalp on the Glam Rock Wig.   It is not a monofilament, but just a faux scalp.

Bangs held to the side:

Remember also to color you eyebrows with either an eye pencil or eyeshadow to match your new wig.  That way, it will complete your look.

Right now, my hair is short enough that I don’t need a hair net covering, but if you have long hair, either get a hair net for wigs or cut an old pair of nylons and use that.  You may also need bobby pins to secure your hair in place.

Here is the wig turned inside out.  It has back adjustable tabs that attach to each other so you can adjust it to your head. 

The part where the scalp is on the other side:

The cap.  Quite breathable and light:

Wigs are also great if you are thinking about going a color but aren’t sure if you want to make that commitment yet.  You can wear a wig awhile and see if you like it.  I had purchased a wig a few years ago on a whim at a mall kiosk even before my sister went through chemo.  It was a dark brown with a reddish tone, and it was beautiful.  After wearing it and being used to the idea, a few years later, I got brave and dyed it that color.

So grab your electric guitar, leather pants, and rock on!

 Do you guys have any wigs?  What’s your favorite brand?  Send me pics for a viewer gallery! >^^<

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