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$21.25, Meta Day 1, What Rebounder to Buy?

So as of yesterday, I was up to 19.25.  Today, my new total is 21.25.

I have been having protein shakes for breakfast.  The hubby likes them, too.  I had some quinoa pasta and mushrooms with marinara sauce for dinner, but I had some cookies, too, for snacks, so that was negative in money.   I am definitely losing money on the snacks, so I need to be careful.

I really love getting back to Metamorphosis!  Day One went very well, and my endorphins were running high afterward, which was   I did 15 minutes on the rebounder, which was GREAT.  It was really nice to do cardio on the rebounder.  It was exhausting, though.  I had to do five minute incraments.  I also did 15 minute Ballet Beautiful Arms.  So I did one hour today.

The rebounder I have is a Cellerciser.  I have the half bending one, and I do have the stability bar to hang on to, like an old person.  ; )  David Hall, who makes them, is incredible, and has a neat testimony on his page.  You MUST be careful about what rebounder you buy.  You can buy very cheap ones for under $100, even sometimes under $50, and they will do horrible things to your body.  You can seriously injure yourself.  If you want to get a rebounder, make sure you buy one and invest in it.  Another reall good rebounder that is VERY expensive.  Another great brand is, which are bungee cord rebounders, but those are VERY expensive.  The cellerciser is expensive, but not quite as expensive as a bungee rebounder.  The cellerciser can be slightly noisy, but it doesn’t bother me.

And don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to stop PIPA and SOPA!!  Check out this link: 

I hope everyone had a nice day!  <3

$18.25, Weight Staying Steady, Meta Starts Tomorrow

Well, I went up a little in my money, but not quite as high as I had hoped by any means.  I ate way too many neutral meals, and then I flew today and was super queasy, so unfortunately, carbs is sometimes the only cure for that.  I almost threw up on the plane, so that wasn’t very much fun at all.  I usually fly much better, but it was just a nauseating flight.  My sister felt sick, too.  Ick.

So I am up to $18.25.  For sake of easy math, I am forgetting about my cute penny I found on my walk the other day, though it is still in my money jar and it will be counted at the end.

I am now home, though, safe and sound for a while, and I FINALLY get to start doing Tracy Anderson METAMORPHOSIS starting tomorrow!  I am SO beyond excited about it.  And I have access to my rebounder, so I will be doing the dance cardio mainly on that since it is so good for your lymph system. 

My weight has stayed the same, too, so still down only two and a half pounds.  I know it is because I haven’t been pushing my workouts the past few days and seem to do every other day, which is good, but not good enough.  I am definitely not making enough money for my year goal fund.  I unfortunately don’t have a working scale currently, so I will have to go by my clothing feel for a while, which, let’s be honest, is better any way.  However, I am feeling my love handles shrinking a bit, and my pants are starting to fit a bit better.

Well, it’s way past my bedtime, so I hope you all have a good night, or a great morning, whenever you read this.


Still at $12.00 today, Still Same Weight

“You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” -Morpheus

So I didn’t lose any weight today, but I didn’t gain anything.

I worked out for only a half hour today.  I did Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms, Tracy Arms, Tracy Standing Abs, and some freestyle Tracy leg/”normal” leg exercises.  We are in the process of moving, so things have been a bit crazy.  Come Friday, the craziness should die down.  So I made $1.00 working out today.

Unfortunately, my eating was HORRID today.  I had leftover Shepherd’s Pie today, so that was a neutral meal.

I had…donut.  -50 cents

I had…cheeseburger and fries…and milkshake… -50 cents.

Yeah, it was like THAT today.  Not proud of myself.  HOWEVER, if I wasn’t paying myself, and since I don’t want to really LOSE money, I made myself workout, whereas before, I would have been like, ah, whatever, I already goofed up today, what’s the point?  So that is one good thing.  I MADE myself workout to undo some of my poor eating habits today.

Tomorrow will be a much better day, I hope.  I feel awful eating what I did today, not just emotionally, but physically.  I need to tell myself don’t eat that food.  Bleh. 

It will be hard to weigh myself tomorrow, but I am making myself take the red pill instead of taking the blue pill.  (  People think by not going to the doctor, their medical illness will just “go away” magically.  People think by not weighing their bodies, they probably didn’t gain “too much” weight.  I try to live life by always taking the red pill so I don’t live in ignorance, because ignorance is never bliss.  Just because you don’t know the problem isn’t there doesn’t make the problem go away.  When I don’t weigh myself, bad things happen.  Pants stop fitting.  Jackets stop fitting.  The heavier one gets, the harder it gets to lose weight.  Just not good things.

Do you guys feel sometimes it is just easily to live life taking the blue pill?


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