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Tracy Anderson Method Review 30-Day Bootcamp Book: Day 30

Well, I DID IT!!!  Day 30!  And my results are in! <3 

First off, I did 50 minutes of cardio today (yea!) and 40 abs, arms, and 30 legs.

Did the cleanse, too.  More about that down below.

It feels so great to have done something and completed it!!  I feel amazing, and I would really recommend this to ANYONE looking to changing their body. 

Here are the areas that I feel like I could have improved on during this program: 

1.  It took my a while to get up to 40 minutes of cardio.  I know some people doing the program would go 50 minutes and some 60 minutes.  (Tracy says don’t go over 60 minutes of cardio a day, but 60 is fine to do).  Obviously, if you can get up to 60 minutes of cardio, your results are going to be that much more improved.  HOWEVER, I DID do 50 minutes on my last day!!  I made that my goal, and I really felt that extra kick going that extra 10 minutes. 

2.  I didn’t have the proper shoes from the beginning.  GET GOOD SHOES!  It really will make the difference, and your results again will be all that better.  I wish I had gotten my Muzino Inspire 6 shoes from the get go. 

3.  Though I stuck to her meals, I didn’t stick to the daily meal for the day.  A lot of meals I repeated, left some out, and pick and chose from different days so I was able to actually do the program for myself.  I wish I could have done the daily menu as prescribed. 

4.  I didn’t get up to 40 reps or 60 reps like she recommends for some of the exercises.  I had a really hard time with the leg reps.   

5.  I was under A LOT OF STRESS, and that always hinders you.  Hospital = stress. 

6.  Which brings me to the hospital.  In her book, Tracy Anderson recommends NOT stopping during your workout and carving out a special time each day and not breaking that.  I wasn’t able to do that, unfortunately.  I had to do arms one part of the day, then abs, then legs, then cardio, but it was all split up.  I did the cardio all in one, but the muscular work I didn’t.  Hopefully, you can have more of a set time in working out.  My life is so beyond chaotic and each day is different for me, so it is quite hard to plan it out.  Eventually, I would like to be a “morning” person and try to do it first thing in the morning, but I don’t see that happening right now.  

7.  After getting sick around Day 10, I took a day off each week for a total of three missed days of working out.  That I feel also hindered my results but I don’t feel bad about it.  I think a day of rest each week is so important, Bootcamp or no Bootcamp.  🙂

7.  I don’t know if one of the reasons I didn’t lose as much weight on the cleanse was because I omitted the Gazpacho entirely.  I think the ingredients were fat-blasting, but definitely not for me pallet.

So if you do decide to do the program, try not to do what I did in the above.  <3 

BUT with all those flaws, here are my results!! 

I lost 12 pounds!  Not the 20 like I was hoping for, but I was way excited!  I am starting to fit into my old pants again so well (with a little muffin top), and I feel like with a few more pounds, they will fit perfectly.  🙂 

I lost 21.5 inches!!!!  Isn’t that AMAZING?!  I couldn’t believe it for sure.  My biggest shock was my calves!  I was way happy for that. 

Here are my inches: 

Okay.  So I wasn’t sure about posting pics because it’s on THE INTERNET, eeek, but I decided to.  None of my lady parts are showing, so it’s all good.  It’s kinda like Facebook but a bit more embarrassing, I guess.  My caveat is I wore black pants for the Befores and whitish pants for the Afters, so that is a discrepancy.  I don’t know WHY I wore black pants, but I did.  And I couldn’t find the black pants for the After pics for the life of me.  I don’t know where they went (or STILL are, actually).  I hate it when befores and afters are a bit skewed, but unfortunately, that’s what happened a bit here. 

Warning, I have ZERO makeup on in the After pics, so please excuse me.  🙂  I was going to cut out my face out of the pics so I didn’t worry about makeup, but then I thought, nah.  And I wasn’t really smiling, because, again, I thought my face was going to be cropped. 


Here are my straight befores.  I HATE it when people are sad and frumpy and pale in their before pics, so I tried to look happy, though I am still pale in the befores and afters.  🙂  Again, sorry about the black pants.  I DID find one before pic with the same white pants, but the shirt it different and makes me look bigger.  The left are before, the right are after.  Again, sorry for the lack of makeup in the after pics and the tired look on my face. 



Here, just look at my bottom half, my top obviously is different. 



The bottom pics, the first two are before.  The right one is after.  Sorry I took the wrong side.  


These pics I feel were taken slightly different distances, so my before, I definitely look bigger, but I think my overall shape is so much better.  You can use the hanger and doorknob as a distance guider.  Again, these pants got big, so this doesn’t do my butt much justice.  Not that my butt is THAT great, but still.  :p  Also in the first set, I am standing differently with my legs. 



  No sucking in here!! 🙂  But I think this shirt makes me look a little thinner than I am. 


Here is a before and after of my butt.  I actually don’t think my butt looks that bad in the before pic, but notice how much LOOSER my pants are?!  Look at the gapping under my bottom in the second pic. 


Arms!  And this is without any weights!  Pretty good.  I love Tracy Anderson’s arms, so I was really hoping for a little more of a difference, but it might take me a little long.  My arms have always been a problem for me. 


 So there you have it!  Do her program and get great results!  And this is only 30 Days!! 🙂 

Things I DIDN’T like about her program: 

1.  Sometimes the meals were on the lower calorie side, but after a while, I got used to it. 

2.  It takes FOREVER to do her workouts with the reps she wants you to do. 

3.  PRICEY.  My food budget doubled AT LEAST.  I wish she would have made a little bit more simple foods for what the menus were.  Picking and choosing allowed more wiggle room, but still. 

4. The cleanse.  I wasn’t a big fan of it.  Again, I love Baby Food for sure, but it was so low cal and tiring and the results aren’t lasting, in my opinion.  Again, like I said previously, if you NEED to drop weight fast (I wish I had her program before my wedding — I was one of those girls who GAINED weight before the big day) then it would be good. 

I think a better cleanse would have been an all raw food diet.  She does address raw food in her book, but I think it would have been a really great five day detox for sure, and the lasting results would be there.  Her cleanse was just really high in sugar to me. 

So there you have it.  For me, 12 pounds in a month is incredible.  I have never been able to lose weight that fast.  I have something called PCOS which is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and it is something that is a constant battle for me.  It is like an ultimate lady killer.  It makes you have thinning hair, acne, and hair in places you don’t want.  Plus, the worst parts about it is infertility issues and insulin resistance (another thing I didn’t like for the high sugar content).  It can be a precursor to Type II Diabetes and that just scares me to no end.  My doctors have said the best way to manage PCOS is by losing weight, but it’s this annoying Catch 22 of it being hard to lose weight because of PCOS, but I need to lose weight beacuse of PCOS.  NOT that I’m making excuses, but it is definitely a challenge.  So again, for never being able to really LOSE weight consistently, this has been a miracle for me! 

I hope I can keep it up!  I know the Holidays are coming (YIKES) and a few special days for me, so I know it will be hard.  Also two more 10-day stays in the hospital while my sister gets her chemo, so that will be tricky for sure.  I HATED doing the cardio in the hospital. 

I really love her workouts and feel so great!  I still have another 30 pounds AT LEAST to lose, so my journey is far from over.  And then MAINTAINING is a whole other problem for sure.  I know I am not born a super skinny girl.  That isn’t my frame.  I definitely have curves, and that is fine with me.  I think my idea of perfection is a cross of Tracy Anderson meets Christina Hendricks.  So I guess I want to look like a cross between them, but ME, if that makes sense. 

Who is your idea of perfection, or a cross of perfection?  I know being “perfect” isn’t possible, but perhaps our best way of looking.


I think my most favorite thing about Tracy Anderson’s workout is herself.  When I watch her move and check out her website and do her mat video workout, I feel like I am part of something amazing, like a high-end spa workout, if that makes sense.  It just is such a beautiful workout.  It is way hard but not overbearing and in your face.  She isn’t this weird, phony perky person.  She is just enriching and wonderful and wants you to be and feel beautiful.  She is magical.  She is all about your accessory muscles and working those to pull in everything else.  Visit her webpage and check it out for yourself! 

So that’s it, peoples!! <3  I will, however, be doing about two to three vlogs a month about my progress with Tracy and my weight loss journey (to help keep me accountable), so I would love it if you would keep following me.  I am looking forward to doing craft and beauty tutorials again, too. 

After my sister’s next chemo treatment ends, I will be blogging about Dr. Perricone’s Metabolic Miracle while doing Tracy Anderson Workouts.  He has a new book out called, “Forever Young.”  I have always been a follower of Dr. Perricone, well, I have WANTED to be a follower of his, I should say.  He is someone else I have always aspired after his method but have never REALLY tried it.  He is all about an anti-inflammatory way of eating, so he has a 10-Day Cleanse, but his is a cleanse I am VERY interested in following!  So I will be vlogging and blogging Day 1, Day 5, and Day 10 on it, so stay tuned!  You are supposed to drop FAT and not muscle, which is awesome.  Some people have lost 10 pounds in 10 days, and it is sustained.  I think I will try to get my Body Fat Percentage measured for that one’s before and after.  It’s such a great thing to clean up after Holiday Eating. 

I want to thank you all for following me and all the wonderful comments and messages and new friends I have made!  You guys mean so much to me, you have no idea.  I really don’t think I would have done as well not blogging it and without all your nice words and prayers. 

THANKS for all the kind thoughts for my sister, too!!!  She is so utterly special to me, and the chemo IS working, so please keep up the prayers!  I will also be putting up a link in my side bar eventually, but if anyone would like to donate to my sister’s cancer Angiosarcoma, that would be great.  It is such a rare blood vessel cancer, is highly aggressive, and finding its cure would mean most likely a cure for most cancers since cancer travels through blood vessels.  Even $5 adds up fast!  They have PayPal.

So DO THE BOOTCAMP!!  Buy it on Amazon.  It’s really cheap there. 

Here is the Cleanse Pics Link again:

Love to you all!  And PLEASE let me know if you have ANY questions or if you are doing her program and have a blog on it!  I am so Tracy obsessed, it’s crazy.

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