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Tracy Anderson Bootcamp, Day 7, Days 8 and 9 of 366

So on Day 7, yesterday, I hit my 3 pound weight loss in a week!  Very excited and happy!  But today, I was up .4 of a pound.  I am not worried, though, but I am feeling thinner for sure.  : )

I used up all my extra points for the week today and yesterday, so tomorrow is my last day of the week for WW.

My reps were way better:

  • Cardio:  30 minutes.  The TV was being occupied by my dad who was visiting, and my sister was using her big comp and backing it up, so I actually made up my own dance moves for a half hour.  Very hard, very corny, but actually a good workout!
  • Abs:  30
  • Arms:  30
  • Legs:  30

Today should be Day 8, but due to circumstances of the day (being gone all day due to no power at the hotel :/ bleh) I am going to take today off for the week and let it be my rest day.  I thought I wanted Sundays off, but this week, it’s going to be Saturday.

Very happy to be down in weight and looks like in inches.  I finally got a tape measure, so I can take my measurements.

Talk to you all tomorrow!! <3

Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 6, Version 2.0, Day 7 of 366

Nothing gained, but nothing lost. Hopefully tomorrow I will make the 3 pound mark!

So today’s workout was a bit blah.  Work was crazy and a bit unexpected with some things that came in today, so my cardio workout didn’t happen in the morning.  BUT I did:


  • Cardio:  30 minutes
  • Abs: 10 reps
  • Arms: 10 reps
  • Legs: 10 reps

I know, pretty abysmal.  I am happy for the cardio, but I was absolutely wiped out today.  BUT I am proud of myself for doing at least 10 reps of everything, even if it isn’t at all where I need to be.  But I am trying not to be hard on myself.  We should treat each day as its own day, and today, this is all that was going to happen.

I used up 15 extra points today at one of my favorite restaurants, La Madeleine.  It is a french bistro-type chain here in Texas, and I am completely in love with it.  It was nice getting to eat what I want still, but just make smart choices the rest of the day (and week).  I have 20 extra points for WW this week.

The more and more I have been working out and through everything, I realize the most important thing is to STICK with SOMETHING!  I, like I am sure many of us, and maybe even you, have a tendency to alter things or add things or do this and that, but it seems like people in the long haul who are successful are the people who just decide on something and stick to it and just do it.  So that is what I’m doing.  Tracy Anderson’s workouts and Weight Watchers.  I really want it to work this time for sure!

Thanks, everyone.  Hope your evening is nice.  I am GOING TO SLEEP!! <3

Tracy Anderson Bootcamp Day 2, Version 2.0. Day 2 of 366

My sister kindly pointed out to me that next year is a Leap Year, so I guess I have 366 to hit July 1, 2012 again.  🙂

I was down 2 pounds, which was quite exciting!  And it is weird, because I am already feeling a bit more trim.  It feels good working out and eating well again.

My workout went well.

Muscular Workout:

  • Abs:  30 reps
  • Legs:  20 reps
  • Arms:  40 reps
  • “V” for Valentine’s Day Tracy Anderson Webisode, twice (just because I felt like it!)


  • 20 minutes

I cannot for the life of me find my tape measure, so I will have to get one sometime this week and take measurements.  I am also going to take some photos this week as well to document things.

Breakfast was again Kefir, a banana, and Chia seeds.

Lunch was a new recipe I meant to make last time I did Bootcampbut wasn’t able to. Quinoa Porridge!

I learned I do not know how to make Quinoa correctly.  I always under-cook it.  I think next time I need to cook it for, like, 20 minutes or something.  I am really bad with rice and Quinao, but I did improve with rice, so hopefully Quinoa will as well.

The recipe calls for you to cook the Quinoa in a half cup of apple juice and a half cup of orange juice.  I used unsweetened cranberry juice with apple juice.  Instead of blueberries and apples, I used raisins and apples.  I “apple juice” sauteed my apples, too, instead of just steaming them.  It was a lot faster that way.

I really liked this recipe!  I think if the Quinoa had been cooked more, it would have been tastier.  I also think grapes and pecans would be a really good addition for a little more satisfaction.  I will definitely make this again.  I know if it supposed to be a breakfast meal, but I like breakfast foods quite a bit, so this was very yummy.

For a snack, I had pineapple and a baby food to-go packet.  I also had some dark chocolate.  Instead of making the coco chestnut pudding, I have learned for time, money, and taste, I would rather just have a little piece of chocolate.

For dinner, I had a vegetarian sushi roll with just a little bit of soy sauce.  She allowed sushi on her diet here,, so I figured it was fine.

I had a Vita Coco Pineapple Drink.  It was yummy!  I like Vita Coco water very much.  NEVER get coconut water from concentrate.  It tastes nasty.

I don’t think I got enough protein today at all, and I felt it.  It was a little heavy on the carbs today, so tomorrow I will eat a little more clean.  Sunday is my day off, so I won’t be blogging about it, but I am always a day behind on blogging, so I will talk about Day 4 of 366 next!

See you guys later!  I hope your Fourth of July is fantastic!  God bless America.  <3

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